Shimoda Hot spring,Gosoku-no-Kutsu,Amakusa,Kumamoto,Japanese style inn with outdoor bath in each separate villa.

[Address] MAP
2237 Shimoda-Onsen,Amakusa-machi,Amakusa-city,
TEL 0969-45-3633 FAX 0969-45-3655 E-mail

*If you cannot find us on your car navigator, please check under the name of Kokuminshukusha Amakusa-So (0969-42-3131), Gosoku-no-Kutsu is very close to where Amakusa-So used to be, and you can find our sign board there.
[Free Shuttle Bus Service]

We need three days advance booking for the Special Free Shuttle Bus Service.
Transfer-In Schedule: anytime after 14:30
Transfer-Out Schedule: 08:45, 10:45,
*Guests should keep in mind the shuttle may pick up other guests at Hondo Port, Hondo Bus Terminal, Amakusa Airport, and possibly other locations.
*Occasionally, there may be slight changes in the scheduled times.
*When planning to use the shuttle, please make sufficient time allowance for your check out procedure.

[by Car]
From the Kyushu Jidoushado (the Kyushu Expressway), get off at the Matsubase Interchange (about 25km south of Kumamoto City), turning west onto Hwy 266, which will take you to the islands via the Amakusa Gokyo (The Amakusa Five Bridges). From the fifth bridge follow Hwy 324 west to Hondo. From the Hondo Seto Bridge follow Hwy 266 west toward Ushibuka and the interior of Shimoshima Island. After 10km turn right onto Prefectural Road 24, continuing west toward Shimoda Hot Spring. In another 13km you will reach the coast at Shimoda; turn left here onto Hwy 389. The Gosoku-no-Kutsu entrance will be on your left in another 800m. It takes about 2 hours to drive to Gosoku from the Matsubase Interchange.

*Because of the mild climate in Amakusa, in the winter it is generally not necessary to take any extra precautions due to icy roads.

[by Air]

Amakusa Airlines flies from Fukuoka and Kumamoto Airports to Amakusa Airport.
Flight times:
Fukuoka to Amakusa: 35 minutes
Kumamoto to Amakusa: 20 minutes
It takes about 40 minutes by car or taxi from Amakusa Airport to our hotel.
A free shuttle bus is available upon request.

For more information about Amakusa Airlines please visit their

*We offer a free shuttle bus to and from Amakusa Airport. Please feel free to request the shuttle when you make your room reservation.

[by Ferry]

Ferries run regularly to Amakusa from Nagasaki, Kagoshima and Misumi(Kumamoto).

From Nagasaki-city(Mogi-Port/Nagasaki).
*Yasuda Sangyo Kisen operates a ferry from Mogi Port (Nagasaki) to Tomioka Port (Amakusa, Reihoku) .
It takes about 15 minutes by car or taxi from Tomioka Port to our hotel.
Yasuda Sangyo Kisen

From Usen-area(Kuchinotsu-Port/Nagasaki).
* Shimatetsu Ferry operates a ferry from Kuchinotsu Port (Nagasaki) to Oniike Port (Amakusa, Itsuwa).
It takes about 40 minutes by car or taxi from Oniike Port to our hotel.
Shimatetsu Ferry

From Kagoshima-pre(Kuranomoto-Port/Kagoshima).
* Sanwa Shosen Ferry operates a ferry from Kuranomoto Port (Kagoshima) to Ushibuka Port (Amakusa, Ushibuka).
It takes about 45 minutes by car or taxi from Ushibuka Port to our hotel.
Sanwa Shosen Ferry

Pick up service from each port is available upon request.


Take the “Amakusa-Go” bus from the Kumamoto Bus Center or the Kumamoto Train Station to the Hondo Bus Center (about two hours); then take a taxi to our hotel (another 30 minutes). Keep in mind that we also offer pick-up service from the Hondo Bus Center.

[by Train and Ship]

Arriving at the Kumamoto Train Station on a JR train, you will need to change to the Misumi Line. Ride this train to the end of the line at Misumi. From Misumi Station, walk to the nearby Misumi Port, where you will find a connecting boat (Amakusa Takarajima Lines) that will take you to Hondo Port. A 30-minute taxi ride will take you from Hondo to our hotel. Keep in mind that we also offer pick-up service from the Hondo Bus Center.
Gosoku-no-Kutsu can be reached by plane, car and ferry. However, if you wish to tour around the island, we recommend traveling by taxi or rental car due to the large size of the island. Taxis are always standing by at Amakusa Airport, Hondo Bus Center and other major public transportation areas. Rent-a-car companies offer special plans for those who prefer to turn in their rental cars at Amakusa Airport or Hondo Port.
Please feel free to contact us with any concerns, requests or special inquiries. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.
We heard that there is free shuttle bus service….
That’s right! We do offer a special free shuttle bus service. Pick up time is 8:45 and 10:45. Pick up is mainly at Amakusa Airport, Hondo Port and Hondo Bus Center. If you would like to use this service, you should call and make a reservation 3 days in advance. If the free shuttle bus service does not suit your time schedule, there are plenty of taxis available.
*For details about the sightseeing special, please click here….
What is the best way to get there?
Flying to Amakusa is the most convenient way to access our hotel. If you are coming from Kumamoto Airport, it only takes 20 minutes; From Fukuoka Airport 35 minutes. There are also many bus services available. If you are coming from Kumamoto, there are two buses for the Hondo Bus Center every hour. It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes from Kumamoto City to Amakusa, and costs approximately \2000 and 3 hours from Kumamoto Airport to Amakusa, costing approximately \2,500. If you are scheduled to arrive at Amakusa Airport or Hondo Bus Center after 14:30, we can pick you up. If not, there are plenty of taxis on standby.
Is it possible to walk around Amakusa?
Yes, why don’t you give it a try and let us know how long it took! The southern island of Amakusa is a big island which takes about 3 hours or more to circumnavigate by car. In addition, there are no trains within the Amakusa Islands and there are only a limited number of bus services available. If you wish to go sightseeing, we suggest you use a rental car or a sightseeing taxi service.
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