Shimoda Hot spring,Gosoku-no-Kutsu,Amakusa,Kumamoto,Japanese style inn with outdoor bath in each separate villa.

Gosoku-no-Kutsu is located on one of the Amakusa Islands on the west extremity of Kyushu, facing the East China Sea.
Amakusa is where Christianity was first introduced to Japan in the 16th century, giving the place a unique history not found anywhere else in Japan.
Today, it's a quiet and peaceful place and the proprietor is often heard saying,

     ‘I am lucky to have been born in Amakusa.'

When they see the smiles on their guests' faces, members of the staff too feel the spirit of these words.
At “Ishiyama Rikyu Gosoku-no-Kutsu”, we draw on Amakusa's history and culture with every service that we extend to our guests.
The name“Ishiyama Rikyu Gosoku-no-Kutsu”refers to Amakusa's history and culture.‘Ishiyama' means‘Stone Mountain', and indeed the hotel is built on the slope of one of the mountains where porcelain stone is quarried.
The ore is of a very high quality, and eighty percent of Japanese ceramics manufacturers, including the renowned Arita-Yaki and Seto-Yaki, use it in their products.
During the Meiji period (1868-1912) five influential Japanese poets, among them Kitahara Hakushu and Yosano Tekkan, traveled through Amakusa together.
The island, with its unique history and Christian culture, must have seemed quite foreign to them.
An account of their journey was published in newspapers as a travelogue named“Gosoku-no-Kutsu”.
This is perhaps how the word about Western culture in Amakusa started to spread beyond the islands themselves.
Our resort takes its name directly from the Gosoku-no-Kutsu Promenade of Poets, a coastal hiking trail that actually traverses our premises.
Ishiyama Rikyu Gosoku-no-Kutsu is a Japanese-style inn.
From days of old, Japanese-style inns, or ryokan, have always been more than mere places for travelers to stay. With a certain subtlety and elegance, they epitomize the beauty and nobility of the Japanese way of life.
Ryokan are therefore very different from ordinary hotel-style accommodations, and staying in a ryokan for one night is an excellent chance to immerse oneself in and experience fine Japanese culture.
We believe this difference will become obvious to you when you stay with us.
The Amakusa Islands seem to float in the East China Sea off the west coast of Kyushu.
In Amakusa, large tracts of unspoiled nature remain. The sea coasts are well known for their remarkable scenery:white sand beaches nestled among steep ragged coasts with peculiar rock formations sculpted by the sea.
This sea has connected Amakusa with the rest of the world, bringing about an exchange of goods, culture, and religion.
In 16th century, Christianity was introduced to Japan from Europe, together with other sophisticated elements of Western culture, such as fine art, music, astronomy, and mathematics.
In 1582,“Tenshou”, a delegation of four young envoys, traveled from Amakusa to Europe, seeking audience with the Pope. When they returned, they brought back with them the Gutenberg Printing Machine. Classical volumes such as the “Heike Story”and“Aesop's Fables”, among many others, were printed on this machine in record-breaking numbers. Evidently at that time, tiny Amakusa was on the cutting edge of Japanese culture.
In the 17th century, the Edo Shogunate (1604-1868) banned Christianity and those who did not immediately renounce their faith suffered severe persecution. For over 200 years, in spite of constant danger of being discovered, many people in Amakusa's remote mountain and coastal villages did not renounce their Christian faith and quietly continued worshipping. It was not until the Meiji Era (1868-1912) that the ban on Christianity was lifted. At that time missionaries from France began visiting Amakusa, and Christinanity experienced a local revival.
Amakusa's people, while faced with such unusual experiences and challenges, created their own style of culture:a mélange of traditional and European customs. The local language, food, and religious practices, display a uniqueness to be found only here.
Food is the highlight of any trip, and at Gosoku, breakfasts and dinners are included in the overall price, so you don't have to worry about where and what to eat. Just leave it to us and we will provide you with the best sampling of quality Amakusa food. Dinner includes a set menu of fresh Amakusa seafood. Surrounded by sea and mountains, Amakusa is a place where one can enjoy culinary treasures of both the land and the sea. At Gosoku, we use only locally produced, fresh and natural ingredients. Every day we serve what we believe to be the best fresh food available, so that naturally, our menu changes daily. For breakfast, dried fish, seaweed and miso soup, which is a traditional breakfast in Amakusa, will be served. If you have any allergies, or if there is food you would prefer not to eat for any reason, please let us know when you make your reservation. You can enjoy your food in a private room overlooking the East China Sea. If you wish to eat in your own room, we suggest you stay in Villas B.

*Breakfast and Dinner are included in the room rate.
*Guests may eat in a private room at the restaurant, or in their own room at Villas B. Dinner service begins at18:00 ; guests are expected to finish by 22:00. Breakfast service is from 8:00 until checkout.
*For Villas C guests we offer Japanese or Western style breakfast.
Guests in any of our Villas may order tea, coffee, shochu, sake, wine, Champagne, whiskey or an original cocktail. Bar services are open from 8:00 to 23:00, and you can utilize the bar as a café as well.
There is a Library for each set of Villas, containing a large selection of Amakusa-related literature as well as magazines, books, DVDs and CDs of the owner's choice. These are mainly in Japanese but we do also have some English books and DVDs. You are free to take any of these back to your room and enjoy them at your own leisure during your stay.
Guests can enjoy an Aroma treatment which uses pure aromatic oils. If you wish, an aroma therapist will visit you in your Villa. The gentle aroma and subtle touch of the therapist is sure to send you into a relaxed, dreamy state. Aroma therapy stimulates the flow of blood and lymph, helping your body cleanse itself, making your skin look more beautiful. It is also effective for dry skin, poor circulation and sleeplessness. Avail yourself of this unexpectedly revitalizing treatment.

*Prices : - Rose (full body, 60min) 10,000yen, - Lavender (full body, 60min) 8,000yen
*Time - 15:00-22:00 (is the latest start time). Please reserve 3 days in advance.
*The Aroma therapist will visit you in your room.
We have a great selection of foods and beverages available for room service. Delight in a glass of Champagne while reading a book, or in your bath. Wake up to the smell of fresh coffee. Enjoy a movie with a wine and cheese spread. You will find the Room Service menu in your room. Please feel free to call and order.
In each room, you will find bathrobes, bath towels, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, a hair dryer, a shaver, pajamas. Should you need one, an iron is also available on request. If you are traveling with infants we can also provide a baby bed. In addition, there is a TV, DVD player and CD player in every Villa. You can bring your own favorite movies to watch, or borrow some from our Library. By doing so, you can create your own“Gosoku-no-kutsu”entertainment.
In Villas C, we offer free, unlimited use of the Internet. There is an Internet cable in the study of your room, which you can connect to your own computer. Internet is also available at the Library. Please note we do not have computers for rental.
We have a variety of souvenirs available in our boutique, from Grandma's handmade“tansy dumplings with sweet bean paste inside”,“potato dumplings with sweet bean paste inside”(which will also be served to you when you arrive), the chef's special dried fish (served during dinner or breakfast), natural salt made from sea water in the traditional way, or natural fragrant oil made from camellia, which has been used as hair oil since long ago, and which you can also use as food oil. We also have Shochu (Japanese liquor) in original bottles, as well as original white wines. There are sets of coasters, various straps, small bags made from hand-dyed fabric called“Amakusa Sarasa”a tradition introduced to Amakusa by Westerners when their ships arrived here in the 16th century.
*the dumplings and dried fish are made fresh so please make your order by 21:00 on the night before your purchase.
For within Shimo-shima island, we offer a shuttle service free of charge. The shuttle will pick you up at either Amakusa Airport, Hondo Bus Center, or Hondo Port. Please let us know if you would like to use the shuttle service 3 days in advance of your stay. If we do not receive your request on the service 3 days in advance, the shuttle may not be available when you arrive.

*Please note that pick-up will be after 14:30 and the returning shuttles will depart Gosoku at 8:45 and 10:45.
*Please note that we may go via the Bus Center, Airport and Port to pick up other guests after you have boarded the shuttle.
Every traveler wants to keep their clothes clean and fresh. At“Gosoku-no-Kutsu”we hire professionals to do our cleaning services. If you bring your laundry to the front desk by 21:00, it will be brought back to your room by 10:00 the next morning.
Prices : Shirt - 600yen, Jacket - 1300yen ~, Trousers - 1000yen ~, Coat – 1500yen ~
(Prices may vary depending on the clothing material.)
*Please note that occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances on the part of the cleaners, we may not be able to fulfill your request.
At most other hotels and ryokans, when a guest stays for more than 2 nights, they tend to stay in the same room. We are different : of course, you may stay in the same room if you wish, but we recommend you change rooms. If you choose to do so, you will be able to appreciate the unique character of each of our accommodations, and sample the foods of Villas A, B and C, which are also different from each other. Therefore, we hope you will choose to enjoy the different spaces of“Gosoku-no-Kutsu”. You may move between rooms in the afternoon, so you can relax in your room until late morning. Our staff will take care of moving your luggage. Please note that for each Villa, the food offered on the first and second nights is also different.
Birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other special days are a precious time for family and friends. We would like to celebrate this special day by a cocktail service, which will be served to you during your dinner. If you do not drink alcohol, we will make a special non-alcoholic cocktail. Please let the staff know about your special day when you make your reservation.
Why don't you celebrate your special birthday, wedding anniversary or other special day in the traditional Amakusa style. For example, celebrate with the lucky Snapper and Spiny Lobster dinner (available on order). We also have birthday cakes (4200 yen~), flowers (3675 yen~) and a variety of Champagnes. If you would like to surprise your partner, we can also help you with your plan. Please let the staff know what you have in mind. We would like to help you make your special day a memorable one!!