Shimoda Hot spring,Gosoku-no-Kutsu,Amakusa,Kumamoto,Japanese style inn with outdoor bath in each separate villa.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 天然温泉
天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 露天風呂

The nearby sea and the fertile fields on the sunny hillsides of Amakusa provide a harvest of splendid food products. At Gosoku-no-Kutsu, we serve beautiful meals made from natural, locally produced ingredients. Our chef will proudly serve your daily meals containing only the best ingredients of the day.
天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 源泉

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 露天風呂 Japanese-style accommodation often includes the cost of dinner and breakfast, obviating the need to decide what and where to eat while traveling in a foreign land. At Gosoku-no-Kutsu, dinner and breakfast are included in your accommodation fee

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 露天風呂 Meals are one of the highlights of traveling. Many traveling visitors would naturally prefer to eat locally grown food. At Gosoku-no-Kutsu, we serve excellent dishes unique to Amakusa. Our tea-ceremony style dishes feature fresh raw, sautéed, grilled, or broiled seafood. In the morning, we serve an Amakusa country-style breakfast that includes dried fish, seasoned seaweed, and miso soup. This is actually quite different from a typical Japanese-style breakfast.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 露天風呂 We strive to match our meals to your individual desires. Please inform us about your food restrictions and preferences when you make your reservation.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 露天風呂 Dinner and breakfast are served in a private room at the restaurant, so that our guests can dine undisturbed. Should you prefer to dine in your own villa, you should make a reservation for one of the Villas B.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 露天風呂 Drinks are an important part of any fine meal. We offer a variety of drinks, such as Amakusa Shochu, saké, wine as well as a selection of cocktails.