Shimoda Hot spring,Gosoku-no-Kutsu,Amakusa,Kumamoto,Japanese style inn with outdoor bath in each separate villa.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 天然温泉
天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 露天風呂
The outdoor bath at Villa A-2 under a canopy of autumn colored leaves. As you relax in your bath, breathe in the negative-ion-rich air emanating from the surrounding forest.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 源泉

Gosoku's outdoor baths are all fed by natural hot springs. In Villas A and B, the hot spring water comes from nearby Shimoda, a village renowned for over 700 years for the quality and health benefits of its mineral springs. Villas C get their hot spring water from our own 450m deep well, located on the premises. Every outdoor bath is unique : a rock bath surrounded by trees, a cut stone bath in a shrub garden, a bath with a grand view of the East China Sea…
Enjoy the privacy of your indoor or outdoor bath, at any time of day or night.

Bathed in the natural hot spring water, wrapped in the tranquil silence of Amakusa's nature, your body will be soothed, your mind refreshed. Avail yourself of a luxurious time of pure relaxation.

Shimoda Hot Spring Source

●Location: Shimoda Hot Spring Village, Amakusa-Machi, Amakusa-City, Kumamoto-Prefecture
●Chemistry: mildly alkaline (contains Sodium Bicarbonate)
●Efficacy: neuralgia, muscular pain, arthritis, poor blood circulation, chronic digestive system disease, fatigue, exhaustion, etc
Our Own Source

●Location: Ishiyama-Rikyu Gosoku-no-Kutsu Site
●Chemistry: mildly alkaline, low tonicity
●Efficacy: neuralgia, muscular pain, arthritis, stiff shoulders, numb muscles, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive system disease, poor circulation, fatigue, exhaustion etc.
天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 露天風呂

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 露天風呂 In summer 2009, as a part of our 7th Anniversary Celebration, we were able to connect Villas A/B with the Shimoda Hot Spring source, and provide Villas C with hot mineral water from our own source. The guests of every Villa can now privately enjoy the benefits of quality natural hot spring water at their convenience. By changing Villas on successive nights, guests staying for two nights or more have the option of experiencing both of our natural hot spring waters.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 露天風呂 The outdoor baths in each Villa are all fed by natural hot spring water. Our own private source supplies Villas C; it was drilled to a depth of 450m to provide authentic Shimoda Onsen hot spring water. We heat the spring water directly rather than simply adding hot tap water, so that our guests can enjoy the beneficial effects of the contained minerals at their natural concentrations. And if you let us know how hot you like your bath, we will adjust the water temperature so it is just right for you. Of course, the bath water is not recycled, so you may bathe with complete peace of mind.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 露天風呂 The Shimoda Hot Spring village nearby Gosoku-no-Kutsu has enjoyed constant popularity for over seven centuries. Legend has it that village people first realized the spring’s medicinal properties when they saw wounded egrets bathing there to heal their wounds. This is why some people call it “Shirasagi-Onsen”, that is, Egret Hot Spring. Owing to the high quality of the spring water, this place is designated as a “National Hot Spring Health Resort” by the Japanese government. Its reputation for hot water quality has given Shimoda Hot Spring Village the status of being one of main hot spring towns in Kyushu for centuries.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 露天風呂 Gosoku-no-Kutsu is very proud of our mineral containing hot spring water, especially our own source in Villas C that has a higher mineral content, giving the water a brownish tinge. This type of natural water will especially help you keep your body warm. Crisp air, clean water, deep forest…all parts of the ever-abundant natural treasure of Amakusa.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 露天風呂 Enjoy your own private time in the outdoor baths at any time of day. The bath basins have ample room for two to three people (there is a larger one for 6 to 7 people in Villa A-3). Enjoy a relaxing time with your special partner during a breathtaking Amakusa sunset, or under a magnificent starry sky at night.