Shimoda Hot spring,Gosoku-no-Kutsu,Amakusa,Kumamoto,Japanese style inn with outdoor bath in each separate villa.


Ishiyama Rikyu Gosoku-no-Kutsu was established in July 2002
in the Amakusa Islands
located on the west coast of Kyushu in southwest Japan.
At first, there were ten individual units called‘Villas A/B'.
In 2005, five more villas were added.
These‘Villas C'are situated higher on the
hillside than Villas A/B, featuring a different view, cuisine, and atmosphere.
In essence, these two sets of villas can be thought of as completely separate from one another.
Every villa has its own private open air bath fed by a natural hot spring,
as well as an indoor bath. We invite you to select the one that best matches your preferences.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 離れ宿 天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 離れ宿
With its unusual history, Amakusa is a special place not only in Kyushu or Japan; it is unique in all of Asia. This is why ‘Amakusa through the Centuries’is the theme expressed in Villas A/B.
Open the door to a pleasant and exotic stay in our beautiful islands.
Villas A(six separate units), Villas B (four separate units),
Villa Colegio(Reception, Bar, Library), Jashumon
(Restaurant serving subtly-flavored Japanese-style cuisine)
天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 離れ宿 天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 離れ宿
‘Medieval Amakusa – a Cradle of Christianity’ is the theme of Villas C. Located uphill from Villas A/B, these villas are surrounded by the lush forest of Nature’s inner sanctum.

Villas C (five separate units), Tensho (Reception, Open Café, Restaurant, Bar, Library)
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