Shimoda Hot spring,Gosoku-no-Kutsu,Amakusa,Kumamoto,Japanese style inn with outdoor bath in each separate villa.

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[Room Facilities]
TV, DVD ,Music center,
Mini-Bar, Humidifier,
Japanese-Tea set,
Electric hot-water pot,
Water cooler, Safe Deposit Box, Refrigerator-freezer,
Bathroom with bidet

[Bathroom Amenities]
Bathrobes, Bath towels,
Faith towels, Toothbrushes, Shampoo, Conditioner,
Body soap, Hairbrushes,
Cotton swabs,
Cleansing cottons, Shaver,
a Hair dryer, Yukatas, Tanzens, Japanese socks, Slipper

[Free rental]
Iron, Baby Bed,

This is the most secluded of all the Villas A/B.
Especially suited for a couple seeking privacy and solitude.

The patio has a view of the forest with the East China Sea beyond on the western horizon. Seen from here, the orange colors of the sunset can be breathtaking. The Western-style room is furnished with a king sized bed, and there is a small window above the bed to let in fresh air. You will wake up refreshed, surrounded by the lush greenery of the forest outside. We hope you will enjoy a flower bath in the cat’s paw bathtub.

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【Capacity】 2 persons
【Room size】 55.90u
【Rate】 ¥26,400/per adult person /per night
including two meals(breakfast&dinner), service charge, bath tax and consumption tax
(Saturdays, days prior to a public holiday ¥28,500)