Shimoda Hot spring,Gosoku-no-Kutsu,Amakusa,Kumamoto,Japanese style inn with outdoor bath in each separate villa.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ お部屋・施設

■Villa C
Open since Oct. 2005
Five private units
Tensho (Reception, Restaurant, Bar, Library)

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天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ Villa C
Christianity was introduced to Amakusa in the year 1566. With it came sacred artworks, hymns, clocks, the printing press, the pipe organ and other cultural and technological elements of the Western World. As these combined with the indigenous culture, something new and never seen before was created. 16th Century Amakusa was the very stage where the cultures of Europe and Japan met for the first time. It must have been a fascinating time!

In October 2005, Villas C opened under the theme “Medieval Amakusa-a Cradle of Christianity”. They are located on the steep mountain slope above Villas A/B, surrounded by the peaceful silence of Nature's inner sanctum.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 客室 天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ Villa C

After Christianity was introduced to Amakusa, many of its people began praying quietly in front of sacred Christian images, or singing Christian hymns. The atmosphere of Villas C hopes to recreate such an atmosphere of quiet contemplation. Tall ceilings form an open space; afternoon sunlight softened by tree boughs shines in through the large windows. Lose yourself in reverie as you recline on the exquisitely soft, king size beds. We believe it is the tranquil atmosphere of Villas C that has many of our guests coming back year after year.

There are five separate villas, each with a similar open-concept, one-room, western-style layout. Large west-facing windows overlook the sea horizon. Each villa features two king-size beds, an indoor bath, a “Garden Shower”, and an outdoor bath fed by natural hot spring water.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 離れ宿 天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 離れ宿
Early evening sun illuminates a living room furnished with a queen-size sofa and an animal-motif table.   Surrounding each of the five separate villas on the mountainside is a lush forest of tropical and indigenous trees, home to owls and other wildlife.
■Let us introduce each of the units at Villas C. Pleas choose one that best suits your preferences!
天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ Villa C-1天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ Villa C-2天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ Villa C-3天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ Villa C-4天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ Villa C-5
天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ レセプション天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 天正

With decorative onigawara tiles on the ridges of its roof, this building resembles a temple on the outside. On the inside, a church-like corridor will lead you to the Café on a terrace overlooking the sea. Just inside is a space that contains the elegant Bar and the Library. By combining Eastern and Western elements in the design, we pay tribute to the unique and exotic culture of medieval Amakusa.

※Tensho is the special place for guests at Villa C.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 離れ宿
During your stay, feel free to peruse or borrow any of the books or DVD's from the Library, and order your favorite drink at the Bar. Room service is also available.
天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 離れ宿
The name “Tensho” refers to the Tensho Era in Japan, the time when Christianity was introduced to Amakusa.
天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 離れ宿
The Café terrace is the best place to savor the vivid colors of Amakusa's sunset. Feel free to relax here in the evenings or at any time during your stay.
天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ お食事

You may take your meals at the dining room in Tensho or on the Café terrace; either way you will have a splendid view of the coast and the sea. We use only fresh, locally grown ingredients whose fine flavors are skillfully combined into delectable meals by our expert chefs. You can enjoy our special dishes such as the Amakusa Daiou Casserole, with Amakusa Daiou (a local variety of chicken notable for its large size) roasted over hot rocks, then covered and steamed to perfection in its own broth. Incidentally, guests at Villas C may choose at their discretion between Japanese and Western style breakfasts.

If you have any food allergies or special preferences, do not hesitate to let us know so we may fastidiously cater to your needs.

Dinners are served between 6 and 10 P.M. and breakfasts are served from 8 A.M. to 12P.M. Within these meal times, there is no need to book ahead; just come in to the restaurant and eat at your convenience.

Our delicious meals, prepared from fresh local ingredients, will add to the pleasures of your journey. We are sure their fine taste will complement your enjoyment of the beautiful, majestic scenery of Amakusa's West Coast.

We pay particular attention to the menu for those guests who stay for a few days or more, making sure that they enjoy the widest variety of meals while they are with us. We think it is such attention to detail that has earned us a positive reputation among our guests.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ お食事   天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ お食事
Through the large window, you can watch the splendid colors of sunset and dusk falling over the East China Sea as you enjoy your evening meal.
  Amakusa Daiou (a local variety of chicken noted for its size) roasted over hot rocks is a special treat for our Villas C guests.
天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 温泉

The outdoor baths in each villa are fed by natural hot spring water from our privately owned source. From each outdoor bath, you can admire views of the East China Sea. Because we would like our guests to enjoy the authentic Shimoda Hot Spring Water, while drilling our well we halted at a depth of 450m as 32.4°C water gushed forth. We add heat to the spring water directly rather than simply mixing it with hot tap water, so that our guests can enjoy the beneficial effects of the contained minerals at their natural concentrations. And if you are particular about the temperature of your bath, we will adjust it for you so it is just perfect. Our bath water is not recycled, so you can bathe with complete peace of mind.

Each villa is also appointed with a shower booth in the garden, and of course, an indoor bath, so you may enjoy your own private time in the outdoor and indoor baths at any time of day, whether you relax under a breathtaking Amakusa sunset, a magnificent starry sky at night, or the first sunbeam of a crisp early morning. No matter when you bathe, you will appreciate the gentle healing qualities of our Shimoda Hot Spring water.

天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 温泉
The outdoor bath at Villa C-2 has a dramatic view of unusual rocks along the coast of the East China Sea.
天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 温泉
In the garden of every Villa, you will also find an outdoor shower, like this one at Villa C-1.
天草の旅館 温泉 五足のくつ 温泉
Like this one in Villa C-5, the indoor baths are appointed with luxury bathtubs made in Italy by Agapé that will feel opulently smooth against your skin.
※The indoor bath has ordinary water only.